Linda Head Shot “Disconnect connecting connectors.” I saw a set of instructions with this as “Step One”. I had just written a successful front desk manual for a major Canadian ski resort and I knew I could do better than that dreadful “Step One.” As a writer, I tell stories, non-fictional stories; I construct stories from information. From making a tablecloth to informing a group about an event, words are the building materials I use. It’s why I’m a specialized writer;  I am able to write clear, concise instructions for simple to complicated tasks and that includes writing about you and your business.

I write a bi-weekly column for the “Lakeshore News” called “Design Dilemmas,” and I just celebrated six years of writing the column. I write for “The Workroom Channel”, a custom home furnishings trade school and I have written articles for the international magazine, “Design and Drapery Professional.”  Several hundred of my articles appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle’s online component SFgate, and I’ve been published on eHow, ModernMom and Society6.