Letters and Notices

This is a letter sent to the members of a club with the notice that the club was re-locating due to new restrictions placed by the  landlord.  It was a contentious situation; the club did not want to move but the landlord was refusing to budge on the new, and  arbitrary, occupancy numbers . The letter needed to convey clearly the reasons why the move was necessary  and why the new venue was chosen.

Due to changes in the number of people the XXXXXX allows at events in the XXXXXX, we are forced to relocate the XXXX Club. Our average number of patrons at each concert is just over 70 people, and this number allows us to pay the musicians a decent wage, pay the rent on the venue, and, when turn-out is really good,  we tuck a bit away for those nights when we have a small audience. The new regulations limit us to 60 people.  Based on our average donation amount over the last two seasons, we realize we can not meet our financial obligations with a restriction of 60 audience members without charging a substantial admission fee. We can not ignore our mandate of providing an opportunity for musicians to play, and providing a place for people to hear good music with admission based on what they wish to donate, rather than a set fee.

We have looked at every possible venue in XXXXXX,  and have found that the only venue that can accommodate us, and that fits our needs, is the XXXXXX  at the campus of XXXXXX. The XXXXX  is a generous supporter of the XXXXXX Club most recently contributing one-third of the cost of the drum kit we bought last season. And —  they want us there.

While the college is not the prettiest venue, and we know we will compare any venue to the XXXXXX, relocating to the college will allow us to maintain our autonomy while continuing to make concerts available to everyone. Because, after all, the music is the prime reason we go to XXXXXX.

Our first concert is coming up quickly — scheduled for XXXXXXXX XX. You will get an e-mail from us in the next few days with details. The new venue brings with it some special needs; one of which is we need more help setting up chairs and putting them away at the end of each concert than we needed at the XXXXXX  Please step forward on occasion and give the “forever-few” a helping hand.

We hope you will stay with us through this transition period. The premier XXXX you have grown accustomed to hearing from the XXXX Club will not change.